Refund and Missed Workshops

Refunds, what you want a refund, no way!  Your gonna miss out on so much fun!!! 

We personally hand cut each item as it is ordered. Therefore, we will honor refund requests within 24hrs of purchase.  

If you find out you're unable to attend the event you have signed up (you know grandma got run over by a reindeer), please contact us right away; we will work with you to get you your materials and when possible help you complete them. Items are prepped as the orders come...

Materials are often weather sensitive - therefore, we request you make arrangements with us to pick up your project within 10 days of the original missed workshop.  As we mentioned we hand cut our wood and framing - it is not mass produced by us or someone else.  We are no longer able to hold items over to another event - it is your responsibility to contact us to make arrangements for your materials if you can't make the original scheduled event. 

Thanks Ya'll for understanding!

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