Sip & Paint..say what?!

Our workshops are set up for a fun day/night out.  We choose to partner up with locations that provide yummy food, amazing drinks and fabulous staff so you can truly make it a fun event in one location; come alone and make new friends or bring your decide.

Each month we will have new projects; find the current months workshop and pick/pay for your project before the deadline for your preferred location.  Deadlines for events are listed on our FB Page within the event information itself.  

Don't forget to include any personalization at checkout (if your project has that offer); we don't want chase ya down for the info.  

We will bring all materials and supplies for you to complete with our assistance/instruction along the way.  We realize we all work at different paces so we are set up as a work as you go along, grab us when you need or want assistance vs step by step instruction.  We want to make it a fun event for everyone; including us.

Workshops run 2-3hrs depending upon your level of experience.  If it is your first time attending we suggest you only pick one project and arrive as close to the event start time as possible.

For more information check out our FAQ section.

Can't wait to see ya'll!!

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