Frequently Asked Questions / Things to Remember

How long do the workshops actually take?
Workshops run 2-3hrs depending upon your level of experience.  If it is your first time attending we suggest you only pick one project and arrive as close to the event start time as possible.

Can I arrive early or late?
Early: we arrive early to set the location up to our class needs so if you need to come a little early that works.  We suggest no more than 30min before the event unless your wanting to help us set up.

Late: we understand things happen, especially with our evening classes for commuters etc.  So we are open to you arriving a little late - however, its best to arrive within 30min of the event start time to allow you enough time to finish your project without feeling rushed and have a fun time with everyone else.  Use this as your girl time....


Can I order more than one project for the same event for me to complete?
You certainly can order more than one project.  Something to keep in mind is some projects are more time consuming or require a little more patience than others.


How do I get you the information for my item to be personalized?
If the item you have selected has the option to be personalized include this information in notes section at check out.    
We highly suggest you create an account with your email and phone number so we can contact you if we have any questions regarding your order.
Also, creating an account will get you Patina Stash.

What is Patina Stash?
Patina Stash is our Rewards Program; this will keep you in the know (don't worry we have no plans of filling your inbox with junk) and possibly reward you at the same time with a discount or freebie here or there.  
Can I make a modification or customize to the project shown?
We have had overwhelming amount of requests for modifications and customizations to our signs at our events,  we will do our very best to accommodate such requests.... 
Most modifications will be $5-$10 more to project price.
Most customizations will be $10-$15 more to the project price.  
You will receive an invoice for the modification / customization charge via email after you purchase your class project and include the details for the sign.  Invoice must be paid prior to event where you plan to party with us.

Is food and/or drinks provided?  
Our workshops are set up for a fun day/night out.  We choose to partner up with locations that have yummy food, amazing drinks for purchase and fabulous staff so you can truly make it a fun event in one location; come alone and make new friends or bring your decide.

Can I bring my own food or drink to the event?
Currently, no outside food or drink is allowed.  We carefully choose the location with a fun atmosphere that offers tasty food & drink menus to order from.  You are not required to eat or drink during the project but it sure does make it more fun.

Does Mountain Girls provide apron/smocks etc?
In an effort to keep our costs low at this time we are not providing aprons or smocks. You are welcome to bring your own.
We highly suggest you don't dress to impress, even if your neat freak or perfectionist your neighbor just might not be....especially after a drink or two. 
Does Mountain Girls offer custom signs?
We love custom sign orders!  We work closely with you to create specialty items outside of our classes to ensure you have just what your looking for.  Send us an email: or a FB Msg. 
Can I book a private party?   
We absolutely can book a private party for you and your friends.  We also do team building workshops for you and your office etc.  For more information on private parties see our Book a Private Party section.  

Somethings to keep in mind....  
Imperfections: all our projects are crafted from raw wood, and are cut by us as the orders are placed.  We strive to get the best wood available; there will be knots or other slight imperfections in the wood. We feel this adds beauty and the rustic charm of the signs.
Each piece of wood can take to stain and paint differently.  We have no control over this. 
Sealants: due to time constraints we do not provide a sealant at any of our workshops or private parties.  There are tons of sealant products out there you can choose from.  We suggest you look for something that is a Water Based Formula to avoid yellowing of your projects over time.  
We personally like to use Miniwax Pro Series Spar Urethane which comes in a paint on or spray on.  Stores in our local area as well as big box stores carry this item.  For a picture of the item we like to use:

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